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Silk & Sogda Tour in Uzbekistan
Silk & Sogda Tour in Uzbekistan
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About Uzbekistan

First of all, Uzbekistan is politically stable. Confidence in tomorrow and consistency of reform in all field of public and political life is seen everywhere. It is the state where representatives of more than a hundred ethnic groups and dozens of religions live in peace and harmony.

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Why Uzbekistan?

It is the state where representatives of more than a hundred ethnic groups and dozens of religions live in peace and harmony.

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Silk & Sogda Tour in Uzbekistan
Why Uzbekistan?
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Melodies of the East in Uzbekistan

Do not miss the Greatest Central Asian music festival of this summer! « Sharq Taronalari » – « Melodies of the East » festival takes place every 2 years in the splendid city of Samarkand.

Highlights of Uzbekistan

Hast-Imam (Khazrati Imam) is a religious center of Tashkent. It includes the Barak-Khana madrasah, built in the XVI century

Navruz in Uzbekistan

Arrival in Tashkent midnight. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to hotel for early check in.

Uzbekistan Tour with Yurt Stay

Amu Darya river – one of two biggest rivers of Central Asia can be observed from the road when it is 80 km to Urgench. The big dam dividing the river into 5 canals.

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Tashkent – The Capital of Uzbekistan!

With population of over 2.3 million it translates as “Stone City”. Due to its central location in the region, the city received Sogdian and Turkic influences in its early history, before the Arabs came in the 8th century.

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Samarkand – Crossroads of Cultures!

The name Samarkand conjures a place that floats somewhere between fact and romantic fiction. Its fame reaches back into the fog of time.

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Bukhara – The Sacred City!

In the Middle Ages, when the region was at its pinnacle, scholars travelled from all over the Islamic world to study here, including two giants of Persian culture, Ibn Sina and Firdausi.

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Khiva – Open Air Museum!

Khiva is unique because it has very well preserved neighborhoods, beautiful buildings and religious, military and palace structures, in addition to houses of a specific national type. Ichan-Kala and Dishan-Kala, the two parts of the city, contain most of its wonderful monuments.

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