Why Uzbekistan?

First of all, Uzbekistan is politically stable. Confidence in tomorrow and consistency of reform in all field of public and political life is seen everywhere. It is the state where representatives of more than a hundred ethnic groups and dozens of religions live in peace and harmony.
Famous cities of Bukhara, Khiva and Samarkand demonstrate the massive historical heritage and importance of this region.

One can visit the cities and feel transported back to the times of “1001 Nights”. Experience the unique atmosphere in open air city museums; watch amazing historical building, taste authentic local cuisine. Explore medieval Khiva, noble Bukhara, ancient Samarkand, picturesque desert steppes, snow peaked mountains and modern Tashkent. Learn culture, history and lives of locals and dive into this unexpected yet amazing world of adventures.




Architecture: Ancient archaeological remains, impressive Islamic monuments and stark
Soviet buildings sit together with one another in Uzbekistan, a constant reminder of the
nation’s vibrant and indeed lengthy history.
Culture: Hospitable people, great family traditions, inimitable traditions of this country will surely leave you with plentiful impressions. Uzbekistan is a secular state with majority of population Muslim will give you the feel of Central Asia’s unparalleled culture.
History: Uzbekistan’s history is dominated by famous conquerors, including Alexander the
Great, Genghis Khan and the unstoppable Tamerlane. Islam took root, slowly, and Soviet
rule dominated, oppressively.
Bazaars: The bazaars and markets of Uzbekistan are vibrant, raucous and thrilling, with the national pastime of haggling employed with great energy. Start low and enjoy the banter!
Silk Road Cities: The names of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva inspire today the same
excitement and allure as they have done to Silk Road travelers for hundreds of years.