Aral Sea Tour
Sogda Tour

2 days/1 night itinerary & details

1-night stay at the yurt camp by the Aral Sea coast

Total travel distance and time:~900 km and about 16 hours of drive

Transportation: off-road 4-WD car, fully-licensed driver

Meals: 4 times during the tour.

Useful tips: protective hiking boots or sport shoes and long trousers are recommended along with cap or hat. Sunscreen could be helpful as well. Warm jacket is needed in spring and autumn seasons.

The sea is safe to swim in, so swimming suits could be an option. The fresh shower is available in the camp to wash away sea salt and mud.

There is no mobile or internet connection; however there is a telephone for local communication is available in the car and camp. There is also electric power at the camp to charge your devices.

Karakalpak cuisine is usually based on beef or lamb meat or fish, may contain rice, wheat or sorgo dough and many vegetables. Make sure to let us know if you prefer vegetarian cuisine or have any other preferences.


While the tour is well-arranged and safe, it still remains an extreme off-road tour, so not much of comfort should be expected. The tour also highly depends on the climate conditions.

Day 1

Departure at 8:00 from Nukus

8-hours drive to the yurt camp at the Aral Sea (~400 km)

Route: Nukus – Mizdahkan complex in Khodjeili — Kungrad – Muynak (lunch) – Uchsay village – Aral Sea dried-up seabed – Ustyurt Plateau – Aral Sea – Yurt camp (dinner, night in yurt camp)

Mizdahkan complex: a necropolis, city of ancient Khorezm (IV-II centuries B.C.) where important historical mausoleums and archeological monuments are located.

Muynak: two-course national cuisine lunch in Karakalpak family, visiting Cemetery of ships and Ecological Museum
of Muynak.

Ustyurt Plateau: canyons and rocks of Ustyurt cliffs, visiting Kubla-Ustyurt village and camel breeder’s family.

Aral Sea: while dinner is cooked on open fire travellers may enjoy swimming and hiking, relax in a company at the
camp fire, explore the milky way in the clear sky.

Day 2

Early breakfast and departure at 8:00

8-hours drive towards Nukus (~450 km). Approximate time of arrival 18:00

Route: Aral Sea — Davletgirey (Kurgancha kala) —Ustyurt Plateau – Sudochie lake — Kungrad (lunch)— Nukus

Davletgirey (Kurgancha kala): and abandoned trading station in the north of Khorezm kingdom.

Ustyurt Plateau: mysterious and inscrutable Ustyut Plateau remains not only huge deposits of gas and oil but also many secrets and riddles.

Sudochie lake: rich fauna of this lake is famous far beyond from Karakalpakstan. Many scientists and fans of fishing and hunting come to this place from all over the world. The lake is a key stop on the long way of migrating birds: pink flamingo, white swans, duck and others.